A Month of Thanks

So instead of venting all my problems and troubles on here, I will list what I am thankful for in lieu of Thanksgiving in the coming weeks. 

1. Family
I got the surprise visit of my life when my mama Lita (grandma) came to visit the Philippines most especially to see me. I never would have thought her heart would change to do this. Although my patience ran low for her, I appreciated the little things that I never noticed from her before. Prayerfully, this visit will not be her last!

2. My Best Friend since the 7th grade.
You do the math. It's been a long time and she's pretty much the only best friend I have kept in touch with. College and the huge distance made us grow apart a little but that doesn't negate the fact that we're best friends. I'm so thankful to have made our small vacation together! I didn't flake this time!:) our trip was very much needed to catch up and to get to know each other again. I must say, she has changed and has grown up since high school! 

3. Worship
Singing is in fact a gift from God and I am truly thankful to be using that gift til this day. And it's becoming clearer as to what I should do with my life in terms of music. I just pray for guidance and direction! I know and trust what God has planned for me. 

4. Christmas lights

5. The color green

6. Blue skies

7. My labradoodle
I miss him so much:( he passed away about 2 months or so ago and my parents could not even bring themselves to tell me until weeks later. He's practically a member of the family ever since my step dad came into my life in grade school. It's been that long. Rest in peace Rex!!

8. This Taipei sunset
My affinity for hiking is growing and I know I will have many more of these! So glad to have experienced this in a new country with my very best friend:) praise God for His beauty in every sunrise and sunset!

9. Home
Which I will soon see next month:) claiming it in Jesus' name!

10. My sister in Christ
Before I even started another school year at a new school, I met this special lady who has been there for me and prayed for me. Sometimes I would take her for granted but I want to give my thanks to God for her. She's been an encouraging prayer warrior for someone who is younger than me and was recently saved over a year ago. People like her made me realize how resilient and perseverent Filipinos are. People like her make me love this country even more because quite honestly, I've never met so many people in the Philippines who are so on fire for God compared to those in the states. I will cherish every good and bad as long as I'm still here for I will very much miss this country when it is time for me to go back for good. Lord, thank You for allowing me to meet people that draws me closer to You. 

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