When a Facebook status and 140 characters are not enough..

 Made a new friend like it was kindergarten. 
(High School Musical anyone?:)

 I just might like commuting more than riding a taxi...

 The Eggplant Game. 

 My favorite kind of pasta.

 10 am Sunday service. Backstage. 

Series Break with Pastor Bernhard.

1. You know those kind of friendships where as soon as you talk to that person, you instantly just click? It's so natural, like me and this girl just talked like it was kindergarten. I just love making new friends and the best way to do so would be getting involved in clubs and organizations! Meet my new FilAm friend, Joy! I attended the first of my org meetings for chorale and a community service club. And, yes, we had just became friends that same day and we were already riding a taxi together to go to SM. 

2. As much as possible, I do my best to save money. (sort of) so to lessen my expenses, I commute by taking the jeepney and bus! Definitely, feeling like a local. 

3. Volunteer Association for Community Services (VACS). First meeting and a fun one it was.

4. Guys, real Italian pasta tastes like Puttanesca or any pasta with a spice flavor... none of that sweet sauce stuff!

5. & 6. I love my church and just being around people... as much as an introvert I can be. They not only put a smile on my face but they love and serve God! And the message was on point today as it did spoke to my heart. I have to be around people in order to enjoy God. What better way than to get to know those who have a testimony to share? 

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