Instead of working on my case study

I think it's about time to update this thing.

1. Got a new iPhone and laptop! And my family has gone over to team Android. what.
2. Already started my first duty rotation in the OR at my new school
3. I transferred from Global City Innovative College to Makati Medical Center College of Nursing. It's really for the best.
4. I am so excited for some of my friends who are going places and entering new seasons in their lives!
5. Thank God for my spiritual family. going to church doesn't make you a Christian but it's sure difficult to live a life for Christ when you don't surround yourself with people who love God.
6. Life is too short to hold anger or grudges against people.
7. No matter how boring or ordinary your day is... you can always find beauty in the simple things. All you gotta do is see it through different eyes by taking a photo. Try it. It makes a difference, I tell ya.
8. Up until now, I still cannot speak Tagalog. At least not fluently.
9. I love meeting new people and making friends.
10. I auditioned for the Voice in the Philippines and passed the blind auditions... at my church. haha the youth service is doing a series called the Voice and they really did have the whole audition/battle rounds thing going on. Unfortunately, I had to stop because of my schedule for school.

So, I'm in my 3rd year of nursing and the plan that I have in my head is starting to form... and I may or may not pursue nursing. For one thing, California is becoming more strict in accepting nurses from abroad (whether or not you're a U.S. citizen). I'm willing to work out of state, maybe Arizona or Nevada.... but.... there's the plan that doesn't have anything to do with nursing. In my mind, I really have no idea what lies ahead if I choose to not get my nursing license. That's the beauty of faith and trusting God with my plans, right? Anyways, I know for a fact that music is my ultimate destination, as in, before I die, that is what I will be doing. I have this picture in my head that maybe somehow it will just fall into place once I meet people who will get me there.

My dream? When I first thought about this in my senior year of high school or 1st year of college, it seemed too big of a dream for me. I would like to own a music studio some day. A place where I can offer voice lessons and then branch out into instruments and performing arts! Wherever God leads me with the gift He has given me. It just has to be used otherwise my life would become one big regret.

Earlier today, I was thinking that maybe nursing really isn't cut out for me. However, I must finish college and then decide from there my next step.

I know where my heart lies... I just pray that I have the boldness to take any opportunity there is in the music world. that I will not fear in whatever decision I make once I'm done with school here in the Philippines, it will be what God is directing me to. My parents and friends' approval are secondary to what God wants for me. I earnestly pray that I seek His will and carry it out. It will take time and when the time comes around, I won't rush.

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